Priority Levels (GuideLines)

What are Priority Levels

Our ticket PRIORITY levels as follows:

  • CRITICAL – A complete service down situation aka blank page
  • High – A major component of our services to operate is affected.  Some aspects can continue but its a major problem.
  • Medium – The core service is unaffected but the issue is affecting efficient operation.
  • Low – The issue is an inconvenience or annoying but there are clear workarounds or alternates

Some Examples:

  • My desktop email client is not receiving emails - This is a Low priority as there is a WebClient
  • I'm not receiving any emails via the web client. Please check this first. –  This is a High Priority
  • I load up and I get a blank page - This is a Critical Priority
  • Inventory and Stock control - This is a Medium Priority, or the item may simply be "out of stock"
  • If a feature is unavailable and it could be a useful implementation and doesn't affect the day to day operational and a temporary workaround is available. It will be added to the requests list and added to the next update. - This will be classed as Low Priority
  • I've bought an Interactive Book or Live Cookery Lesson from but I'm unable to access it. This is a High Priority


The support we undertake with the following commitments:

Critical – >10mins to respond
High – >30mins to respond
Medium – >1-2 Hours
Low – > The issue is a background or planned task and will be addressed when time permits or on the planned date.


So what does ‘respond’ mean?

Respond means the system will receive and acknowledge your issue when there is a free allocated a technical resource to commence work on the issue.  For all Critical and certain High tasks, we undertake to continue to work on the problem continuously* until the issue is resolved.


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